Monday, October 17, 2005

SNaPSHoT 1992 "Transformed"

"Transformed" by robin Earth, Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, Fall 1992
Standing from left: Helen, Twilight, Pam, Ann, hershe Michele, Kiarah. On ground: Rachel, Jasmine and Estelle


  1. I started going to PeaceLand in 1991.It has become a source of strength and peace of mind for me. The women I have met there have helped me grow in ways I could never imagine. I don't want the stories and the wonderful support I've gotten from the women and the land to ever end and I will do everything I can to help it continue. Someday I want to build a home and live there always.

  2. I was stationed on the other side of the fence September 1991- April 1993. I was in the Que on June 17, 1992 (funny how some days just stick with you) the day the last DOE truck pulled out and we all walked back to the barracks without a job. I was happy because those evil things were finally gone. I was sad because I had so many great friends at SEAD. I rode my bike past your place the next day and yelled "They're gone, you won!" I don't know if you thought I was being sarcastic but I wasn't. I was glad you had won.

    Goddess Bless...
    Paul L