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Articles: July 1983

July 1983 
Ithaca Times "Buyers finish payments for women's camp land"

July 1983
Ithaca Journal "Members of the Peace Camp erect statue..."

July 1983
Democrat and Chronicle "Women defy 'deadly force' warning..." 

July 1983 (Boston)
Boston Globe "Women's peace camp stirs up Romulus, N.Y."
July 1983
Workers Viewpoint

July 3, 1983
Courier-Journal "New wave of protesters arrive at peace camp"

July 5, 1983 
Courier-Journal "400 women demonstrate peace"

July 5, 1983
The Post-Standard "Well runs dry but spirits buoyant at Peace Encampment"

July 10, 1983
Courier-Journal "Different voices, but one message"

July 12, 1983
Middletown Times Herald "Army denies security breached"

July 15, 1983
Ithaca Journal "Inside the Camp at Romulus"

July 19, 1983
Boston Phoenix "Encampment: Working without leaders, so far"

July 31, 1983
Equal Times "Peace is a women's issue"

July 31, 1983
The Citizen "Seneca declares emergency"

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