Saturday, June 02, 2007

SoNG: Look to the Women

From Songsheet 1984 (a)
PeHP Source: Songsheet Nov. 1982/83; Songsheet 1984 (a); WVC

Women's Video Collective. Copyright 1983. All Rights Reserved.

Opening Day at the Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, July 4, 1983. 

*Written (as Look to the People) by Ruth Pelham


  1. This song, called "Look to the People", was written by Ruth Pelham. I remember hearing her sing some of her songs at the peace camp. She's a wonderful community focused folk singer. Her CD entitled Under One Sky, that this song is on, can be found on

  2. Yep, Ruth Pelham came to the encampment. She wrote "Look to the People" which we sang as "Look to the Women". We did an action at the fence with her where we sang a lot of 'zipper' songs (one very powerful one where we sang the names of our grandmothers) and we made instruments out of recycled stuff and after we played music and sang we left our musical instruments on the fence. It was one of the most powerful times of my life. Especially meaningful for me as my sister (biological!) was there with me that time and she is not an activist. Thank you for these pages, photos and blog. Pam D.