Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Seneca's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

What better way to mark the 25th anniversary of the Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice than by joining thousands of women in a 4-day gathering for peace at the White House?

We urge all feminists, activists and artists to heed this call from Eli Painted Crow, a 22-year Army Veteran who served in Iraq in 2004. She is a Native American from the Yaqui Nation. This is her vision:

"A gathering of women, the grandmothers, mothers and the daughters of all. To see our sisters, our friends and lovers who are ready to start something great. It is about you; it is about me, together it is "we." Imagine how powerful this can be, listening to our heartbeats growing strong. A heartbeat that is a stand for peace. We, the Turtle Women are rising, rising to help our mother, rising to witness her cries for the loss of lives. We, the Turtle Women are rising, rising to speak through our hearts, through the beat of the drum that connects all life for all time. We are Turtle Women rising, rising for peace."

Check out her web page: turtlewomenrising.org and make plans to join your peace camp sisters, October 10-13, 2008 in D.C. We're organizing rides. Let us know you're coming.

"We're gonna rise with the fires of freedom.
Truth is the fire that will break our chains.
We're gonna stop the fires of destruction.
Healing is the fire running through our veins."

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