Thursday, December 18, 2014

SoNG: Sister I

Video: Main Gate Fence Rocking, August 25, 1984
Women's Video Collective. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 1983.
Music: Average Dyke Band, Dorm Room Recording, 1985. 

Sister I
Lyrics by Aya Loba Nemaje, Music by Average Dyke Band, 1985
PeHP Source: Songsheets 1985

Sister, I will not deny my rage and you should be the last to ask
This woman's rage it is yours too
Embrace it and tear off your mask

Pretense is no defense from rape and war
Pain alone breaks backs, mixed with anger drives us on
Bite the bullet, squeeze my hand
Bite the bullet, squeeze my hand
Surgery is long, callouses come off
Layer by layer, scrape away dead skin
Brace yourself for the open nerve

The rush may knock you to your feet
You moan, you scream, you swim, you fly
The rush may knock you to your feet
You moan, you scream, you swim, you fly
Yes, we are of the nerve and fight, hold tight
The road is narrow, we sling our rage on shoulder
like the Amazon her arrow 

    * The Average Dyke Band (ADB) sprang up at the Peace Camp in the summer of 1985.  The theory we put into action was that songs, singing and musical instrumentation were not the domain of an exclusive, talented few. We had found that far too many women fell silent musically because somewhere along the way they were told they didn't have a good voice, couldn't carry a tune, couldn't keep a beat. The ADB, then, was the musical counterpart to the Camp's consensus process philosophy and practice - every woman's voice would be heard. We were inclusive, we were average, and we had a damn good time.

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