Saturday, November 05, 2005

SoNG: Shameless Hussies

Shameless Hussies
by Mica and Jen, Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp
PeHP Source: Songsheet 1984 (a); PeHP GatherSing 2008

"This song was written by two women, called Mica and Jen. Jen was the first woman who I had ever seen (with me at the tender age of 17 and all) who was a dyke, I was scared of her and intrigued at the same time. She was tall and tough and funny, and Mica had pink hair which was fabulous enough in itself."   ~ Becky Griffiths, PeHP Herstory 113


  1. I've always heard that "Shameless Hussies" was an old song from the Suffragettes. So who are Mica and Jen, and what is their story, in more detail?

    I want to know, because I'm working on compiling a book of "Circle Songs from Lesbian Lands" which includes it. And I would like to give credit to the true authors of songs. And there are MANY songs that I'm looking for authors of...

    We sing it arounnd here in New Mexico still...

  2. I first heard "shameless hussies" at the Southern Women's Music and Comedy Festival in northern Georgia. (summer of 1989?)

    Raven Light sang it post festival at the pot latch circle. If memory serves me, she said it came from some women from the Seneca Peace Camps and also included something of a disclaimer due to the volitile nature of the tune. As it's sung to the tune of "Dixie"... the song that goes "wish i was in the land of cotton...

    I've always adored the lyrics regardless of the unfortunate source of the original tune and to this day I thoroughly enjoy sharing it with others.

  3. i learned it at Seneca but was told then that it came from Greenham Commons women. its on a cd we made with 54 songs and chants that can be downloaded from a Denver Co dance community website i can't put my hands on right how. Tape is called "Pilgrim Warrior" by Sandra Boston and friends. or you can order from me