Monday, June 09, 2008

GaLLeRy 2008 - Peace Camp land

The land that housed the peace camp was sold for back taxes in 2006. The front porch and back of the house has since been torn down, the garage, which collapsed of its own accord, has been hauled away and the barn has been re-slatted. The pavilion is still standing while the summer kitchen and boardwalk are steadily returning to the earth. Some of the peace camp graffiti on the house, garden shed and original outhouse is still visible.
Photographs by Jesse Doe


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2008

    Thank you, Michele, for these pictures. I found them today in a Google search when I got home from a bike ride during which I'd stopped to peek inside that little ramshackle showerhouse.

    I had stopped there to satisfy my curiosity and to pay quiet tribute to the folks who had built and used the building and decorated its walls. Those women (and men and children) were my heros at the time of the Encampment, and I'm still inspired every time I think of them, which I do whenever I pass this little building. Hope it remains there for as long as the elements allow.

  2. Sorry to hear the place is no longer there. Thanks for the website to give those of us who only got one sides perspective a little balance.

    Paul L