Sunday, November 02, 2014

HeRSToRy 030 Ruby Hohawk

    Ruby traveled from her home in Berkeley, CA to spend the summer of 1985 at the peace camp. As a physical performance artist and healer, she facilitated or participated in rituals, direct actions, and street theater as part of the encampment. 

Interview: Ruby HoHawk (alias)
Date: October 13, 2007
Location: Oakland, CA
Present: Estelle Crone, hershe Michele Kramer,  
Alice O'Malley, robin earth, Helen Freedwomon & Amy bat Tzipora

CLIP: We knew how to do magic
TRANSCRIPT: "1985. I only went one summer and it was a summer that changed my life. It was a really powerful switch from growing up in a white, middle-class environment and going through all the things you go through in that world and then breaking through and living a summer with anarchists from Greenham - so I was really influenced by the women who were there that summer. It was a really powerful summer. I came only knowing my girlfriend and I left having a family and incredible experiences. Some of the most powerful experiences for me were the rituals. We did rituals on the land. I think that was the first summer I started doing firewalking and I think over that summer and the next year I did about 12 fire walks. We did a fire walk there on the land. I think we were really focused on working our magic - use the magic to transform the depot. So you can go over and you can do direct action or you can really work on the ethereal plane and do magic. We were a powerful group of witches that were there. We knew how to do magic."


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