Sunday, May 18, 2008

HeRSToRy 034 Dorothy Emerson

    Dorothy arrived at the Peace Camp from Austin, TX a few days before its official opening. She spearheaded a collective media effort to produce a slide show about the Camp and used it in nearby communities to raise funds and awareness. She was hired as a Program Coordinator the next summer and moved to Boston that fall to begin Seminary school. 
CLIP 1: The U.S. flag consensus miracle

 Interview: Dorothy Emerson
Date: February 8, 2008
West Medford, MA
Present: Estelle Coleman, hershe Michele Kramer

Dorothy coming out of the barn at the Peace Camp, 1983. Photo by Nancy Clover.

    Dorothy leading a workshop on Spirituality and Politics in the pavillion at the Peace Camp, 1984. Photo by Nancy Clover.

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