Friday, December 19, 2014

SoNG: Soul Survivor

Civil disobedience at the main gate of the Seneca Army Depot, August 25, 1984
Music: WEFPJ Average Dyke Band*, Dorm Room Recording, 1985.

Sole Survivor
from Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp - Millie, Mandy & Molly from Australia
PeHP source: ADB Songsheets 1985-1987

     * The Average Dyke Band (ADB) sprang up at the Peace Camp in the summer of 1985.  The theory we put into action was that songs, singing and musical instrumentation were not the domain of an exclusive, talented few. We had found that far too many women fell silent musically because somewhere along the way they were told they didn't have a good voice, couldn't carry a tune, couldn't keep a beat. The ADB, then, was the musical counterpart to the Camp's consensus process philosophy and practice - every woman's voice would be heard. We were inclusive, we were average, and we had a damn good time.

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