Friday, January 16, 2015

SoNG: Were You There at Hiroshima

Women's Video Collective. Copyright 1983. All Rights Reserved.

Women from the encampment circle at the main gate of the Seneca Army Depot, August 6, 1983.

From Songsheets 1984 (a)
To the tune of Christian hymn “Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)”
PeHP Source: Songsheet 1984 (a); Songsheets 1985; Peace Camp GatherSing 2008

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  1. Funny, I wrote a version of this in 1974 when I sang at a Good Friday demonstration in Schenectady NY, protesting the bombing of Cambodia. I also did attend the 1983 peace demonstration at Seneca Falls and I think I was there another year for another protest.
    Were you there when the bombs fell from the sky
    Were you there when they napalmed girls and boys
    Were you there when the sun refused to shine,
    So glad I found this site - my husband is going to be at Seneca Lake for a demonstration in a few weeks so I wanted to jog our memories of the peace encampment...