Sunday, December 06, 2015

Songsheet November 1983

Typed, copied, and distributed for Women's Action for Peace cruise missile protest at Litton Systems, Ontario, November 14, 1983.* This page, printed front and back, has a total of 13 songs and four graphics.


*Several hundred women from Ottawa, Toronto, and upstate New York demonstrated outside an Ontario-based company that was producing guidance systems for Cruise missiles. Twenty-nine women were arrested. Women's Action for Peace declared the action as a day to "remember the victims of countless years of patriarchy and to resist a system that in the name of peace builds weapons of mass destruction; in the name of freedom denies women, minorities and people of the third world their right to self-determination; and in the name of progress poisons and rapes our Mother Earth."

From Canadian Women's Issues, Vol. 2 by Ruth Roach Pierson & Marjorie Griffen Cohen:

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