Monday, March 26, 2018

Photographers 1983

Catherine Allport 
Catherine aka Garden,

Nancy Clover 
Nancy was the still photographer for the Women's Video Collective.

Ruth Putter 
Ruth's photographs were included

Yoko Kitaura
Black & white photographs of the incident at Waterloo bridge, July 30, 1983. 

Rene Grasso
Scenes from the incident at Waterloo bridge, July 30, 1983

Cristina Biaggi

Alice O'Malley

Hazel Brampton 

Karen Edelstein 

Penny Batelli
Penny stopped over at the Encampment Aug. 22 & 23, 1983 on her way from her home in Ann Arbor, MI to the Martin Luther King commemorative march on Washington.

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