Sunday, April 16, 2017

SoNG: War Toys

War Toys
by Wild Wimmin for Peace - Sarra Lev
PeHP source: The Great Peace March

My Grandpa played with toy bows and arrows, 
my daddy played with spears
I played with guns that went rat-a-tat-tat, 
and some that you couldn't hear.
 My son, he plays with cannonballs, 
blows walls to kingdom come
And the next thing you know, 
they'll be making a toy out of the atom bomb. 
My grandson he'll be laughing 
as drops it on L.A.
And as he sees the place destroyed 
this is what he'll say:
Hey, Dad look what they're selling now, 
I saw it on T.V.
It's got the same bomb I have 
but it's better, Dad, you see.
It's gone everything in it - 
the bomb and three missiles
It's even got the control board 
with the buttons and the dials.
It's got a map of Russia 
where the bombs are supposed to fall
 And if you send in 40 bucks, 
well, you can have it all!
There's a model there of Moscow - 
you can watch the buildings go
It even comes with its own dose
of radiation snow.
There are folks with hair that falls out 
as you release the thing,
So you can pretend that they all got 
radiation poisoning.
And if you send in early,
we'll add in something free
A mushroom cloud for every bomb 
you drop on the enemy.
So don't delay, send in your pay - 
blow the world up while you can
Let's demonstrate that you can relate 
to the brotherhood of man.

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