Friday, January 23, 2015

FooTaGe 112

   Seneca peace encampment women at Lafayette Square in Washington, DC as part of the 20th anniversary of Martin Luther King's historic Peace, Jobs, and Freedom march.

*This video was transferred to miniDV tape from the original 3/4" tape. The content has not been edited. As with all Women’s Video Collective (WVC) footage from the summers of 1983 and 1984, video and sound quality vary greatly due to the age of the material, the quality of the original tapes and equipment (used and borrowed), and the setting itself (outdoors in the heat and wind on uneven ground). Herstory owes a large debt of gratitude to all the women who helped in ways great and small to document the Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice and especially to Judi Kelemen and Nancy Clover for storing, and then making available, WVC's videos and photographs. Many thanks as well to filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal who graciously donated their equipment, expertise, and Brooklyn studio so the Peace Encampment Herstory Project could digitize WVC’s 130-tape collection.

C-SPAN links to video segments of a few of the very few women who spoke from the stage at the 1983 march:
Maya Angelou:
 Holly Near:
Bella Abzug:

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