Monday, June 25, 2018

Song Title Index S - Z

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Sappy Andrea Birthday Ditty
Seneca Moon
Seneca Rebel Wimmin
Seneca Trauma Rauma 
Sensitize Yourself
Serves Me Right
Shake Me Loose
Shameless Hussies
She Cuts the Cane
She is an Old Woman
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
She's Been Waiting
Simple Gifts
Sister I
Sister Kate
Sister Pedestal
Sister Round
Sister Suss
Sisters, Spring
Sisters, We're Calling
Smash the System
Soul Survivor
Spilt Milk
Spirit of Life 
Stand Up
Stayin' Alive
Step by Step
Still Ain't Satisfied
Strength is Flowing
Strong Women
Stronger Than Before
Sunglasses & Moustaches
Sweet Womon's Love
Swift As the Wind

Take Me Away
Take the Toys Away From the Boys
Tell Me
There Comes a TIme
They've Got the World in Their Pocket
This Little Light of Mine
Tilbage til Markerne
Trash, Trash
Traveling Woman

Under the Full Moonlight
Up & Down
Vine and Fig Tree

The Wanderer
War Toys
Warrior Woman
Waterloo Talking Blues
Wave Upon Wave
We All Come from the Goddess
We Are One with the Infinite Sun
We Are Opening
We Are the Flow
We Are the Old Women
We Are the River
We Are the Web 
We Are the Witches
We Can Power Our Own Lives
We Come from the Goddess
We Don't Want Your Bombs
We Love This Earth
We March On
We Shall Not Be Moved
Were She a River
Were You There at Hiroshima?
Were You There at Waterloo?
When Do We Laugh?
When Every Woman
When the Bombs Begin to Fall
Which Side Are You On?
While the Birds Fly
Who are the Witches?
Wild-eyed Woman
Wimmin, You Been On My Mind
Woman Am I
Woman's Voice
The Women Are Going to Rise Up 
Women Come
The Women in Your Life
World Peace
Wounded Knee


Yankee, Go Home!
You Better Listen to the Voices
You Can't Forbid Me to Sing
You Can't Kill the Spirit
You've Got to Be Strong
You've Got to Love Yourself
You've Got to Stand Up


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