Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HeRSToRy PRoJeCT GatherSing

Sept. 12 & 13, 2008
Peace Camp GatherSing in Alpine, NY
with Alice, Brenda, Chris, Cynthia, Dorothy, Estelle, Hershe, Laura, Lisa, Louise, Max, Otter, Ruth, Sera and Sita.

We sang, we laughed, we processed and it's all on tape! Two days of it. Our purpose was two-fold: to document songs and chants that were sung at the peace camp and to create material for creative endeavors - films, CDs, plays, etc. The weekend was a great success on both counts.

Thank you, thank you to Chris and Louise for being the most spectacular human beings, hosts, and raffleteers ever; and to Lisa, for opening her studio, home, and exceedingly kind and talented spirit to us. Thanks, too, to Renee-Noelle, Helen, Robin, Andrea, Twilight and Alessandra for their phone calls and emails - you are in our hearts.

Our fabulous sound engineer and music producer, Lisa, in her fabulous Ithaca studio.

Estelle, Sita and Lisa smudging DAY ONE.

Dorothy, Chris and Cynthia. "Swift as the wind my sisters are..."

Cynthia, Sita, Estelle and Otter deciding which song to sing next.

Otter doing her thing.

Lisa letting Hershe sample the awesome sound.

Dorothy. "Woman am I. Spirit am I..."

Hershe taking it all in.

Laura taking it all in.

Natalie and Louise - our studio audience.

Otter and Hershe rocking it during a smoke break.

Sita, Chris and Sera. "When every woman in the world has her mind set on freedom..."

"Animal spirits, we're calling to you..."

Sera, Estelle, Hershe and Sita too tired to sing another note.


Smudge DAY TWO. Alice, Dorothy, Estelle and Brenda.

Dorothy. "I take delight in the peace of the river..."

Sita and Sera. "Come, come Sisterhood, come dance eternal..."

Dorothy. "Were you there when they bombed Hiroshima..."

Estelle, Otter and Laura. "By the waters of the Amazon..."

Sita, Sera and Dorothy. "I'm so in love with the Seneca Rebel Wimmin..."

Lisa doing her thing.

Alice doing her thing.

Sera. "You talk of revolution..."

Dorothy. "A river of birds in migration..."

Estelle. "We're shameless hussies and we don't give a damn..."

Hershe. "My old mum's a lesbo, she wears a lesbo badge..."

Sita. Back at the ranch aka Alpine Peace Camp.

Sera, Estelle and Louise. Pretty in pink.

Chris. Bless your heart.

Laura, Sita, Sera, Estelle, Hershe and Alice. Children at play.


  1. To all our sisters,
    It was easy to open our hearts and home; you each gave us so much in your unique ways.You are welcome at our stable or little lake any time. Looking forward to seeing you in our Mothers' backyard- downtown DC in Oct.Love you
    Bless your hearts and feet, too.
    Louise N Chris
    uptown Alpine

  2. glad that seneca county finally reclaimed the land from the old farmhouse you jackasses used, its finally being put to a good use and the new owners demolished the farmhouse!!! if only you idiots knew how often people in the town wanted to burn that frikkin place down. glad you mentally sick individuals and your leader Jane Fonda no longer have any place to stay!!!

  3. Hey you Anonymous. Your hate will die, our spirit will live. We don't need any particular land or house, we have each other. And we are so absolutely everywhere, so watch your back, who knows who your daughter's dating.