Wednesday, February 17, 2016

HeRSToRy 045 Martha Mollison

   Herstory has Martha to thank for the existence of the Women's Video Collective and its extensive documentation of the Seneca Women's Peace Camp in 1983. As a fledgling videographer in Boston, she hatched the idea, rallied support for it & and made sure it happened. She went on to make a career of teaching video and is the author of Producing Videos: A Complete Guide
Interview: Martha Mollison
February 8, 2008
Boston, MA
Estelle Coleman, hershe Michele Kramer

CLIP 1: It's got to be covered
CLIP 2: We weren't that

Photographs of Martha at the peace camp in 1983 taken by Women's Video Collective still photographer, Nancy Clover.
Martha (left), Glynis Loman (right) and a third WVC crew member prepare for the day's shoot at the encampment.
Martha (left), Judi Kelemen (center) and Claire Beach (right) discuss a Women's Video Collective studio show in Cambridge, MA.
Martha (in red) at a Women's Video Collective meeting at the encampment in June, 1983.
Martha with her son on their way to the Peace Camp.

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