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HeRSToRy 051 Louise Cummings & Chris Huston

   Louise was raised in a military family and had been married to a military man before she and Chris visited the Peace Camp in 1983. Chris provided support and took photographs as Louise climbed the fence at the Seneca Army Depot in October that year.
CLIP: I'd been on that base
CLIP: An unbelievable number
Interview: Louise Cummings & Chris Huston
April 5, 2008
Ithaca, NY
Estelle Coleman, hershe Michele Kramer

Louise going over the Seneca Army Depot fence Oct. 24, 1983. Photo by Chris Huston.
"I am sorry to report to those who who'd lock us up or out that we will not ignore each other, our jailers and our keepers, yes - but not each other." Photo by Chris Huston, 1983.
"Let the constables know for certain that even if they be our kin or brothers, the only true authority, pistol belt and badge we acknowledge and approve is the one or ones of our design." Photo by Chris Huston, 1983.
"Should we be fenced from one another for a time, we'll live alone on short grass until we're able to deliver bales and bounties, ladles and large boxes of replenished love through the bars and up each other's fire escapes and second-story windows." Photo by Chris Huston, 1983.
Louise and Chris on the infamous Waterloo Bridge during the 25th Anniversary Walk organized by Max (seated left). Photo by hershe Michele, 2008.
Visiting the Peace Camp after the walk. (standing l-r) Twilight, Suzie, hershe, Sita, Estelle, Max, Sera, Renee-Noelle, Louise, Lucille, Chris. (squatting) Chris and Louise's grandaughter, Christina. Photo by hershe Michele, 2008.
Chris and Christina watching films about the Peace Camp later that evening at Carmen's. Photo by hershe Michele, 2008.
Louise and Natalie (aka Peanut Gallery) at PeHP GatherSing, Sept. 11-12, 2008 at Lisa's studio in Ithaca, NY. Photo by hershe Michele.

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