Sunday, July 01, 2018

Archival footage: June/July 1983

*These videos were transferred to miniDV tape from the Women's Video Collective's original 3/4" tape. The content has not been edited. As with all Women’s Video Collective (WVC) footage from the summers of 1983 and 1984, video and sound quality vary greatly due to the age of the material, the quality of the original tapes and equipment (used and borrowed), and the setting itself (outdoors in the heat and wind on uneven ground).

6/18 - Tour of the newly acquired land with Michelle Crone

pre 7/4 a - "To fly or not fly the American flag" Encampment meeting
pre 7/4 b - Encampment life
pre 7/4 c - morning work meeting at the Encampment
pre 7/4 d - walkers from Boston arrive at the Encampment
pre 7/4 e - walkers from North Carolina arrive at the Encampment
pre 7/4 f - Helene Aylon's Pillow Cases for Peace

7/4 a - conversations with townspeople
7/4 b - Encampment life, interview with Anna from Comiso, Italian Peace Camp
7/4 c - Opening day speeches
7/4 d - Opening day march from Encampment to Depot main gate
7/4 e - Opening day keening action at Depot main gate
7/4 f - End of Depot main gate action, Encampment dinner

7/16 a - Carolyn Mow facilitates Encampment action meeting
7/16 b - Encampment life
7/16 c - main gate yellow warning line action
7/16 d - Encampment life

7/17 a - Encampment life
7/17 b - Women's Video Collective members at Encampment

7/21 a - Non-violence training, Boston
7/21 b - Non-violence training, Boston

7/30 - march through Waterloo, NY, confrontation at bridge

7/31 a - Encampment life, interview with Amber
7/31 b - Encampment pavilion performance
7/31 c - Encampment pavilion presentations
7/31 d - Encampment Peace Keepers training pt.1
7/31 e - Encampment Peace Keepers training pt.2
7/31 f - Encampment Peace Keepers training pt.3

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