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HeRSToRy 068 & 069 Julie Hammer & Diana Cramer

   Diana and Julie visited the women's peace camp from their homes in Syracuse, NY several times in the summer of 1983. Julie was a part of a civil disobedience affinity group that was arrested on the Seneca Army Depot airstrip. 
Interview: Julie Hammer and Diana Cramer
Date: May 30, 2008
Location: Syracuse, NY
Present: Estelle Coleman, hershe Michele Kramer
CLIP 1: Happening on the Incident at Waterloo  
CLIP 2: They were that smart

Diana's peace camp photographs:

In front of the Seneca Army Depot's main gate, July 4, 1983.
Three women photographers: Courtney Frisse (with flag), Mima Cataldo (in purple) and Ruth Putter (blonde hair on right).
Peace camp front lawn and house, July 4, 1983.
Lynn Miller (in lavender) and Marion "Susie" Kossack (in navy blue) in the foreground hanging out on the front lawn.
Julie Hammer (sleeveless blue shirt, back to camera), Katie Thomlinson Larch Corcoran and Sunny (sp?) seated on a blanket eating.
"Did Moscow buy your farm?"
Chow time.
Energy efficient dishwashers.
Supporting the unjustly jailed Waterloo 54 women.
In the wake of the incident at Waterloo, July 30, 1983.
August 1, 1983 at the Seneca Army Depot truck gate.
August 1, 1983 at the Seneca Army Depot truck gate.
Diana's affinity group from the big march, August 1, 1983.  Roni Morganstern (white sweatshirt) and Marian Andrews (baseball cap and khaki pants).

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