Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Song Title Index I - R

*Click title for link to lyrics  (and in some cases, video or audio as well)

I am a Hollow Bamboo
I'm a Dyke
I'm Going Through
I.P.D. - Judy Small
I Still Ain't Satisfied - Bonnie Lockhart
I Take Delight / Just Like a River
I Walk in Beauty
If Every Woman in the World - Karen MacKay
If it Ain't One Thing (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Hershe)
If it Wasn't for the Women - Alix Dobkin
It Could Have Been Me - Holly Near
It Isn't Nice - Malvina Reynolds

Julie's Birthday Songs (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band)


Layabout Song / Down at Greenham (Greenham)
Leaping Out into the Darkness (Greenham)
Liberty Chain
Light is Returning 
Listen, Listen, Listen to My Heart Song
Little Fetuses (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Myke)
Lonely Womon (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Myke)
Long Wing Feathers
Look into the Fire
Look to the Women / Look to the People - Ruth Pelham

Make My Body a River - Vivian
Mama (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Helen)
Mamas and Babies - Star
May the Circle Be Unbroken
Maybe it's Because
Media Rant (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band)
Merry's Birthday Song (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Myke & Estelle)
Metal Vibrations (Greenham)
Missile Envy (Wild Wimmin for Peace)
Moment's Bliss (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Helen)
Mother Nature - Ruth Pelham
Mountain of Wimmin
Mountain Song - Holly Near
My Little Sister (Wild Wimmin for Peace - Trace)
My Old Mum's a Lesbo (Greenham)

Nuetron Ron
Never Turning Back
New Way of Loving
No Promises & No Regrets (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Fish)

Of Mice & Men (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Hershe)
Oh Ichichio aka Hopi Earth chant
Old McReagan
One Submarine, Two Submarine...
Out of the Darkness
Owl Song

Patriarchal Poison (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band)
PCC to the Rev (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Helen & Hershe)
Peace Camp - parody of Downtown
Peace Camp Ballad / Estelle's Croning Song - Otter
Peace Camp Lullabye (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - robin)
A Plea for One World
Priorities (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Helen)
Process (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band)
Progress (Wild Wimmin for Peace - Trace Wiren)


Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Race - Pete Seeger
Rainbow Woman
Real World (Wild Wimmin for Peace - Tracy Bartlett)
Renew the Earth
Respect Yourself
Revolution Talk (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band)
Rip it Off
Rise Up - Reeta
Rise with the Fires
River of Birds
The Rivers are Flowing - Jana Runnalls
Rivers Flow (WEFPJ Average Dyke Band - Myke)
Rock My Soul
Rock Will Wear Away aka Drops of Water

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